Fundamentals of Quantum Computing

by Веселин Георгиев, Владимир Герджиков (Institute for Advanced Physical Studies) , Стоян Мишев (Institute for Advanced Physical Studies)

Лабораторен комплекс (София тех парк)

Лабораторен комплекс

София тех парк

This course is an introduction to quantum computers and quantum programming. It covers the following topics: history and current state of quantum computers, basic math for quantum computers, programming with quantum gates, quantum machine learning, quantum encryption. The students are expected to invest a good deal of effort in following the material given in 15 lectures and submit about five homeworks and take two exams. Upon successful completion the students will understand how the quantum computers work and will be able to program a quantum computer and implement basic algorithms on it.

The lectures will be given in English and will take place each Friday, 16:30 EET. For students residing in Sofia it is good to attend the lectures in person at Sofia Tech Park, Laboratory complex. The online participation is via Zoom at

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Part 1. History and current state of quantum computers ( Vesselin Gueorguiev )

Part 2. Basic math for quantum mechanics and quantum computers ( Vladimir Gerdjikov )

Part 3. Programming with quantum gates ( Vesselin Gueorguiev and Stoyan Mishev )


=========== The second season of the course continues on September 16, 2022 @ 16:30 (corrected) ===========

Part 4. Quantum Cryptography ( Vesselin Gueorguiev and Stoyan Mishev )

Part 5. Quantum Machine Learning ( Stoyan Mishev )


Part 6. Variational Quantum Eigensolver

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